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Who We Serve

We support those desiring to enter the powerline trade. Some of our graduates have previously completed a technical or climb program while for many others this is there very first step toward the trade. Enrolled students must be 18 years of age and for work eligibility following graduation will likely need to pass physical and drug tests.

Why It Matters

JATC and Union Programs Desire Competitive Applicants

Groundhand and apprenticeship are no longer "shoo-in" applicants. The top performers understand how to make a competitive application

and resume.

The Power Grid Wants You

Our National Program supports the workforce that will build the next generation of transmission and distribution lines.

Time = Money

The most common compliment our program gets is "I wish I would have taken this three years ago." Take the direct and fastest path to a high paying line job.

Our Trainers and Curriculum

Over the past five years the powerline industry has seen a increasing large "black box" on how to enter the trade. Many desire but few get started. Our team of powerline instructors and industry partners created our five week program to support the next generation.

Welcome to the National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship, the premier gateway to lucrative powerline careers. Our comprehensive five-week, fully online pre-apprenticeship program equips our students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the powerline industry. Graduates from our program have consistently secured well-paying ground hand and apprenticeship positions, both within union and non-union organizations.

At National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship, we pride ourselves on providing a curriculum curated by industry-leading instructors. Our graduates stand out among their peers, possessing a deep understanding of powerline fundamentals, including the ins and outs of the trade, job site dynamics, career advancement pathways, interview techniques, and how to land that crucial first position on a crew.

Our primary goal is to save you valuable time and money. While we understand that a fully online program cannot encompass every aspect of the trade, we focus on delivering insider information on the powerline career path. Our program covers essential areas such as safety training, CDL requirements for lineworkers, flagger training, and a comprehensive overview of life on the lines. With our five-module, five-week program, featuring video lessons and study guides, you'll have access to valuable resources such as CDL pre-trip inspection guidance, apprenticeship aptitude test preparation, powerline professional bio templates, financial templates, and a groundhand knot-tying guide.

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We Get Where You Want to Go.

Our team works to bring the best knowledge, insights, tips and advice to jumpstart your powerline career and saving you time and money. 

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